(H)LF 10

Standardna vozila
Navalna vozila

Versatility gives security

Our all-wheel LF 10 / HLF 10 has a continuous and extremely compact design. With appropriate single tyre, the vehicle has high ground clearance. Thus, a water-passage ability of up to 800 mm is possible. Off road convinced the vehicle additionally through an excellent cross-country mobility. The 13-t chassis has a wheelbase of 3.9 m, making the vehicle even in tight spaces very manoeuvrable.

Good reasons to choose Ziegler:

  • 125 years of know-how and partnership with the fire departments
  • Unique patented aluminum panel system ALPAS for stable and variable equipment and component cases
  • About 100.000 units of proven ZIEGLER fire extinguishing pumps with patented Trokomat-vent technology
  • ZIEGLER-Z cab safety cabins with Z-Protec, tested according to ECE-R 29
  • Fire trucks, pumps, equipment and hoses from a single source
  • Comprehensive service and spare parts warranty